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In the summer of 1978 I (Walter Muma) undertook a 3-month 11,500-mile (18,660 km) journey by moped from Toronto (Ontario, Canada) to Yukon (Canada), Alaska (USA), and up the Dempster Highway to Inuvik, NWT (Canada), and back to Toronto.


Arriving back home


This was the longest journey ever made on a true unmodified moped, until 2007.

Denieulle Benoit's moped journey from Apr 16/06 - Dec 8/07 of 27,270 km surpasses this. See his website: Tour de l’Europe et de l’Asie en Mobylette

For more information on my attempt to claim my trip with Guinness World records as the longest moped trip (prior to Denieulle's trip), please see A World Record.

This trip is now featured on Wikipedia!

This website contains a complete travelogue of this trip, with over 300 photographs and a description of the trip, plus technical information about the moped and details of the trip.

  ...overview of the trip

Toronto to Dawson Creek  
  ...west to the start of the Alaska Highway
The Alaska Highway
  ...through British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska
Travels around the Yukon & Alaska 
  ...aside from the Alaska Highway
The Dempster Highway  
  ...from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, NWT
The Stewart-Cassiar Highway 
   ...south back through northern British Columbia
Back to Ontario  
  ...east from British Columbia back to Ontario
  ...about the trip

How I did it  
  ...technical details

A World Record
Moped Journeys by Others
Live radio interview on the "Two-Wheel Power Hour" show
Clear Channel radio, Ohio - Feb 14, 2005; 25 minutes.
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