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Here are four close-up photos of the moped all loaded up with my gear


This is a view of the front of the bike.

I had a rolled-up plastic sheet which I used to cover the bike at night and in the rain. Behind it, in a green stuff sack, is my tent - a two-person Eureka Timberline.

Water bottles are on the handlebars, along with various spare parts.

The board across the top of the tent was for placing under the kickstand on pavement. Sometimes when it was very hot, the kickstand dugs into the pavement and the bike toppled over. It was also used on soft gravel or soil at a campsite.

Stuck behind the bungee cord on top of the board is a notebook for recording the photographs I took.


A rear view.

My sleeping bag is in the baggy-looking plastic bag above the license plate.

The saddle bags are pretty full! I made them myself, and they were strongly reinforced.


View of the left side.

My main bag (the blue one) is a frameless backpack, on top of the carrier and sleeping bag.

The rectangular blue item below the backpack is a sack holding a plastic snap-on visor for my helmet.

Visible here is the pulley assembly that caused me so much grief on this trip, and others. It's the grayish disc peeking out from under the side panel, where the pedal is.



The right side of the bike.

Here my rain gear (blue) can be seen strapped with a bungi cord to the underside of the gas tank. This is where I kept my map, on top of the gas tank.

The riding mitts on the seat were handmade from moose hide by a Native Indian friend.

Rolled up under the seat is a waterproof cover that I can pull up and over my backpack in the rain. 

This is the side where the second chain is located, used only to power the moped as a bicycle.


Arrangement and storage of gear on moped


Altogether I would guess that my gear weighed perhaps 50 pounds. I'm not sure, since I never weighed it.

Front forks - in front

  • tent (a 2-person Eureka Timberline)

  • plastic sheet

  • board for kickstand

Front forks - underneath, behind

  • spare inner tube

  • spare drive belts

Front forks - behind, on bottom of handlebars

On handlebars

  • spare parts: coil, 4 pulley catches, spokes, wire, string, washers

  • water bottles and holders

Tied to gas tank, tied on with small bungi cord

  • rain suit: shirt and pants

  • map currently being used

  • notebook for photographs


5 pockets each side: 3 main pockets, and two sewn on, one at rear of main ones (brown), one in front (blue)

  • Left Inner: food; helmet visor is in a special sack tied to top of Left Inner bag

  • Left Middle: pot, fry pan, small grill, knife, fork, spoon, pliers, pot cleaners

  • Left Outer: food, miscellaneous

  • Left Larger rear pocket: tools: "long" tools, chain lube, spare parts, pocketknife

  • Left smaller rear pocket: personal items: toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, brush, comb

  • Right Inner: gas, oil, 12" adjustable wrench, grease gun

  • Right Middle: film

  • Right Outer: food, miscellaneous

  • Right Larger rear pocket: tools: "short" tools, "SNAP" cleanser, spare parts

  • Right smaller rear pocket: food, miscellaneous


  • sleeping bag on end of carrier

  • pack on top of carrier, one end resting on sleeping bag

Under seat

  • spare parts

  • spare cables wrapped around seat post

  • lock and cable wrapped around seat post

  • waterproof cloth to put over packs - rolled up and tied to seat post, so it can be quickly unrolled over pack.

Tool box (below seat)

  • spare parts

In pack tied onto carrier

  • clothing

  • maps

  • journals

  • camera

  • Alaska-Yukon guidebooks "The Milepost"

  • etc

This is a photo of some of the gear that I took on moped trips during 1976.
In the photo can be seen the following items:
One-gallon gas can, bungee cords, helmet and bag (didn't have to wear a helmet in 1976, so I often simply lashed it to the rear of the bike), board for under kickstand, grease gun, plastic sheet, coat, shoes, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, maps and case, helmet face shield, cans of food, oranges & apples, clothes pack, water bottles, two-stroke oil, grease, swimsuit, drive belt, tools, waterproof pack cover, large pack, small items sacks, gloves, windbreaker.

Here's a picture of the moped on the Dempster Hwy.

Note the second gas can stowed on the back of the carrier (the first is in one of the saddlebags). I needed this for this very remote road.

Also a spare tire on the front.


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