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Going West - Toronto to Dawson Creek 

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Riding from Toronto to the start of the Alaska Hwy (Dawson Creek BC) took 20 days: June 3 - 23
I left Toronto on the morning of June 3, 1978.  By June 6 I was traveling up Hwy 129, which was know at that time as the "Chapleau Route" of the Trans-Canada Highway.  It runs north from Thessalon (east of Sault Ste Marie on the north shore of Lake Huron), skirts Chapleau, and then heads west to Wawa.

This is a very lonely road, as it passes through no towns whatsoever on its 215-mile route.  

For part of the way, near the southern part of the road, it travels along the Mississaigi River (seen here).  This is a very picturesque ride, as these pictures show.


This again is the Mississaigi River, along Hwy 129.

Beautiful, very hilly country.  At times the road was sandwiched between steep hillsides and the river itself.


A typical stretch of Hwy 129 - this is between Thessalon & Chapleau.


Rapid River, a lovely river that the highway crosses.

About 75 miles up Hwy 129 is Aubrey Falls, shown here.

This is a short walk off the road.  These falls are on the Wenebegon River, which has been blocked by a large dam here for hydro-electric power generation.  However, water is allowed to flow over the falls during the day.  At night, most of the flow is diverted through the power generators.  Presumably this is so the tourists can still have a nice view of the falls.  However, it doesn't do a lot for the river life that previously depended on a full flow of water 24 hours a day.



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