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The Alaska Highway



The section of the travelogue documents my travels by moped up the Alaska Highway by moped in 1978 (for other sections of this trip click the links below).

I didn't travel straight up the Alaska Hwy from Dawson Creek, BC all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska in one straight run. When I got to the Yukon I departed from the Alaska Hwy and toured around the Yukon. But I did eventually ride on every mile of the Alaska Hwy during the summer of 1978.

This section of the travelogue is arranged in "Alaska Highway" order.  That is, the trip and scenes are presented as if I rode straight up the Alaska Hwy from Dawson Creek all the way to Fairbanks in one uninterrupted journey. This is so you can follow the entire Alaska Hwy in this travelogue from start to finish.

To see the section of my trip in which I toured the Yukon and Alaska, click on the "Travels around Yukon and Alaska" link below. 

Or come with me now up the Alaska Hwy, and after we reach Fairbanks I will take you around Yukon and Alaska.

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Where is the Alaska Highway?


Here is a map of the Alaska Highway


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