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Here are overview maps of the entire trip
(There's more detailed maps of each section in the travelogue)


Westbound trip

Toronto to Dawson Creek (west to the start of the Alaska Highway) 
The Alaska Highway
(British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska)  
Travels around the Yukon & Alaska
(aside from the Alaska Highway) 
The Dempster Highway
(Yukon and NWT)



Eastbound trip

Return back down the Dempster Hwy (Yukon and NWT)
Through the Yukon to...
The Stewart-Cassiar Highway (British Columbia) 
Back to Ontario (east from British Columbia back to Ontario)


(There are more detailed maps of each section in the travelogue)



The Pictures


On this trip I took 1750 pictures.  I have posted some of these here on this website, along with a travelogue of my trip.  The travelogue is divided into 6 sections (see below). All the pictures on this trip were taken with an Olympus OM-1 SLR camera, using Kodak ASA64 colour slide film.

I have included various pictures in this travelogue for several reasons:

  • They are scenic.

  • They show a representative section of the highway or country.

  • They show some unique aspect of the area.

  • They tell part of the story of the trip.

  • They help to convey what it was like to travel by moped.





In October 2004 the Moped Riders Association awarded me
the title of "Distinguished Rider" in recognition of this journey.


On Monday Feb 14, 2005 I was interviewed on the "Two Wheel Power Hour" show, hosted by Larry Ward, which airs on 570 WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio.



The Travelogue


While reading the travelogue, please bear in mind that they refer to the roads and highways
as they were in
1978, NOT today!

Please come with me and take a tour of western and northern Canada
by moped: the slow, scenic way.

I now invite you to...

Start the tour with the first page in sequence:
Toronto to Dawson Creek
(west to the start of the Alaska Highway)


Go directly to one of the sections:


Newspaper Articles

When you're done, you may wish to read the two newspaper/periodical articles about this trip:

A World Record?

Because the Guinness World Records Organization has chosen to not track world record journeys made on true mopeds, I have taken the liberty of declaring this moped journey
to be longest journey ever undertaken on a true moped.  :)

Read about it here.

How I Did It

If you are interested in traveling by moped or on some other type of small motorbike, you may wish to read this section. Motorcyclists and bicyclists may also be interested in this section. Or maybe you're just curious about the more practical aspects of this trip.

Here you will find detailed notes about how I traveled by moped, including accommodations, food, maintenance and repairs, itinerary, etc etc.

There are also Links to other sites about mopeds and similar travels.

And I have as well included advice if you are contemplating a trip by moped. You may find the information in this section to be useful even if you aren't planning to travel by moped .... Bicyclists as well as people traveling on a scooter, small motorbike, or even on a larger touring motorcycle may find some info in this section to be of value.


to other sites about mopeds
& journeys on mopeds and small motorcycles

Moped Journeys by Others



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