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Stewart-Cassiar Highway

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From Watson Lake, Yukon I headed down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway into British Columbia.

I made the journey in 7 days: Aug 8 - 14

Fairly typical scenery north of Cassiar, BC.
Near the town of Cassiar, B.C.

This is a company town, fully owned by the nearby asbestos mine. The mine is clearly visible in the middle of this picture - the big pile of tailings.

Packer Tom Creek, south of Cassiar.
Dease Lake.
Visible down at the bottom of the valley is the Stikine River bridge. The Stikine River is a giant river. 

Farther downstream it flows through a deep valley/gorge known as the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. You can't see it from the Hwy.



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