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Atlin Road and Area - Page 1


Atlin is a town about 100 miles southeast of Whitehorse. It is actually in British Columbia, but it is only reachable from the Yukon.


Mile 9 of Atlin Road


Mile 17 of Atlin Road.

The prominent mountain is Mount Minto, which is located just south of the Yukon-British Columbia border.


Mile 33 of Atlin Road. The large lake is Atlin Lake.


In the region of Atlin there are numerous sideroads to explore.

This is a view across Atlin Lake on Warm Bay Rd, south of Atlin.

The icefields and glaciers of the coastal mountains are visible.


Warm Springs, south of Atlin on Warm Bay Rd.


The far southern end of Warm Bay Rd.


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