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A typical campsite in the evening.  I would build a small fire nearby and cook a can of stew or something.

This is near Mile 70, north of the North Fork Pass.


Beautiful scenery between mountain ranges on the Blackstone Uplands.  The Ogilvie Mountains are visible here to the north in the distance.

This is near Mile 75.



Mile 88, getting closer to the Ogilvie Mtns.


The ancient Ogilvie Mountains.

These mountains have never been glaciated.  Even though this is the Yukon, the ice ages passed this area by.  Therefore these mountains are very ancient, and are made up mostly of "scree", which is a geography term for the eroded rubble.

This is a beautiful stretch of road, as it winds along the Blackstone River through these mountains.

This is near Mile 124.



This is my favourite picture of these mountains. 
This is near Mile 127.


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