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Going West - Toronto to Dawson Creek

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The Saskatchewan border, on June 14.
In the very far distance is Moose "Mountain".  Yes, here in the prairies this is called a mountain!

I took a side trip up this road to see what the view would be like from the top.  Because the overall country is so flat, you can see a very long way from the top of even such a low "mountain".


Oil wells are a common sight in the western prairies.


Regina can be seen here in the far distance, 18 miles away.

Some thundershowers can be seen in the distance.

When one hit me I took refuge from the rain in a shed down a dirt lane.  I didn't realize that the dirt on the lane was actually clay.  When the rain passed I tried to ride the bike back to the highway.  The sticky clay quickly filled the small space between the tires and fenders of the moped, jamming the wheels.  I had to drag the moped to the highway and poke the muck out with a stick.


Past Regina, the big open prairie sky, after some more rain.  I didn't hide in any more sheds down dirt lanes, though!


On the trip I camped just about anywhere that I could be out of sight of the road.  Here, along a little-used railway.

Camping beside a railroad is ok, so long as a train doesn't come along at night.  One time when I camped in such a place, a train did come along.  I remember that I awoke with a start, frantically feeling the ground through the tent floor to make sure I wasn't camped right between the rails!  Once I woke up a bit more I knew I was ok, of course.

Beautiful prairie sunset right by my self-made campsite.

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